Tallinn Shooting Club

Our Tallinn partner operates their own shooting club with two distinct shooting ranges - a centrally located indoor range and a more far-off outdoor range. The number of rifles goes well above 20, so there is plenty of shooting packages to choose from. As nearly all of our services, shooting activities can be booked as both stand-alone activities or as a part of our stag weekend packages.

Clay pigeon shooting

Man shooting at flying target in Tallinn
Clay shooting in Tallinn
The thrilling stag activity in Tallinn
Sharp eye!

Enjoy the cheerful company of the hobby-shooters as well as the high class professional shooters from all over the world. Test your concentration and accuracy and shoot the clay targets from a sporting gun with a pellet charge of 24-28 grams. Grasp the chance to participate in competitions and tournaments to prove your qualities and at the same time to improve under the guidance of experienced instructors.


Shooting - Junior Package

Shooting competition in Tallinn
Glock 9mm
Shooting from the gun in Tallinn
12 gauge shotgun

When it comes to shooting you can have plenty of choice - anything from bows and pistols tomachine guns and shotguns is available (sorry no RPGs yet). This Junior package with shooting from two-hand guns and one shotgun will stirr up the adrenaline in your blood.


Exclusive Shooting Package - Ultimate Anger Management!

Shooting centre in Tallinn
Wide selection of guns in Tallinn
Good shot!

There is no doubt that this luxury package will meet the needs of the most demanding clients. Don't waste your time and suck in the atmosphere of the hottest shooting activity we are offering to you. The unique mixture of 5 different guns, ultimate accuracy, aim-point ultra modern sights and many more ensure an unforgettable experience.


Gangster Tallinn Shooting Package

Gangster shooting in Tallinn
Shooting at Tallinn complex
The thrilling stag activity in Tallinn
Great fun during shooting in Tallinn

We provide a full range of entertaining shooting activities designed to test your skills and surpass your very limits. Grab an opportunity to have a complete day filled with activities tailored to your exact specifications. Gangster Package will fill your day up to the brink with adventure, thrilling experience and adrenaline.


KGB package

shooting from assault rifle
shooting in Tallinn
Makarov pistol
pistol shooting
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Latest feedback

We must say we enjoyed our weekend in Tallinn a lot. The hotel which you provided was excellent, very close to everything we needed, well-equipped and also the staff were nice and smiling. The dinner was great and the restaurant has good meals to choose...
The trip was hassle free and your guides make a fantastic work there. They showed us the city around, answered all our questions and spoke very good English. They even stayed out with us until about 3 a.m. and seemed to have nice time with us!...
Your organisation helped us a lot and I doubt we would be able to do something like this just ourselves! As for the shooting it was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it. Cheers for sorting it all out. Gil organized stag party for stag and his friends...
Our guide wasalways on time and nice what really contributed to our good experience of Estonia. Generally we are glad for everything you have provided and we plan to come again! Isak and his group from Sweden already plan to return to Estonia after...
Regarding our trip I have to say everything was excellent. Our stag loved every piece of it and we have lot of funny stories to tell from Estonia. Tom visited Estonia for stag weekend in February 2013.

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