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From Kalashnikov shooting to Striptease Yacht on Baltic. We offer the broadest choice of fun & breathtaking activities for your unforgettable party in Tallinn. With our staff based in Tallinn, we can ensure complete flexibility and organise for you a most diverse range of activities.

Motor paintball

Motor paintball in Tallinn
Shooting the opponents from car in Tallinn
The thrilling stag activity in Tallinn
Paintball adventure in the car in Tallinn

Get yourself going on a double dose of adrenaline! Form a dashing motor paintball team with your friends and overcome yourself completely. Disappointment is not a possible outcome of this mad activity! We can guarantee you a unique experience, immense fun and unmatchable memories.


Demolition Derby

Demolition derby in Tallinn
The thrilling stag group race in Tallinn
More mud more fun in Tallinn
Demolition race in Tallinn

Are you eager to do something extreme and dangerous? If the answer is yes, then this is exactly what you have been looking for. The thirst for adrenaline of even the most aggressive person is guaranteed to be fully sated. Show off your driving skills and ram into each other in the old Russian cars for as long as possible. But daredevils beware! There will be small surprises on the track such as smoke bombs, making it all even more interesting!


Stripper Yacht

Boat Trip with Hot Girls on Baltics
Hot Girls on the Yacht
Tallinn Yacht trip with gorgeous  gorgeous Strippers
Sailing with gorgeous Striptease Artiste

Leave the conventional tourist experience far behind and instead board a yacht full of gorgeous girls to see a whole different side of Tallinn. Enjoy the titillating company of our fabulous strippers while speedily sailing along the splendid Tallinn coastline with a drink in your hand and the wind in your hair.


Downtown Water World and Spa

Tallinn spa complex in Tallinn
The best regeneration in Tallinn
Great fun in water world in Tallinn
Spa pool in Tallinn

The ultimate hangover cure, this visit to a top pool and spa centre will make you feel revitalised and full of energy. Located in the Old Town this modern venue boasts a 50 metre pool, different water attractions, tube slides, various sauna and steam rooms and great bubble baths.

In addition you can tickle your senses with a comprehensive and luxurious menu of therapies and treatments. To aid your recovery we also include a free drink - call it 'the hair of the dog'.


Tallinn Paintball

Paintball action in Tallinn
Paintball in Tallinn
You are mine!
Excited stag group from the activity in Tallinn

Feel on your very own skin the thrill of the battleground; the sound of the bursting bombs, firing guns and the cruelty of unforgiving enemies. Take in this unique atmosphere in an old abandoned Russian military base situated near Tallinn.


Quad biking

Adventure in a muddy terrain in Tallinn
Stag group in Tallinn
Quad biking in Tallinn
Great adventure during overcoming the obstacles in Tallinn

Our ATV safaris can be organized all year round in all weather conditions. We use the most powerful four-wheeled vehicles to get you to the very edge of civilisation. Kawasaki Brute force KVF650 is the most powerful, passable machine on the local ATVs-for-hire market that copes even in the most extreme situations, so that you can smoothly follow the forest tracks and division lines, drive between trees and in the ditches.


Indoor karting

Indoor go karting centre in Tallinn
Preparing for the competition in Talinn
Go karts in Tallinn
Stag group race in Tallinn

Spend your time in the most modern indoor kart center in the Baltic's! Put on your racing equipment and prepare for the adrenaline warm-up drive. Be the one to get the best results in the following qualification race and ensure yourself the best starting place in the finals. The race has just begun - be the winner!


Outdoor karting

Adrenaline stag activity in Tallinn
Competition is starting in Tallinn
Outdoor go-karting center in Tallinn
Go-karting race in Tallinn

Grasp the chance to try out something real fast! This kart track in Tallinn is available for everyone up to 210 cm tall and weighing up to 120 kg. Reach the speed of 70km/ph on the safety-guaranteed 730 meters long and 8 meters wide track and let your friends bite the dust. Feel alive and enjoy the grand adventure!


Storm Safari

Rush of adrenaline on safari boat
Stag group in Tallinn
Storm safari in Tallinn
Tallinn from the sea

Your day doesn't have to be ruined by the rain, on the contrary! Climb into our safari boat during a proper storm and enjoy a 20 min snippet of the rough life of seamen with leaps on the waves up to 10 meters high! It is an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline, that will make you feel like a conqueror of the elements. Life-belts on the boat ensure the safety of all participants and waterproof clothing and eye-shields will keep you from getting soaked. The boats can make so many trips as occasion requires. Get on board!


Luxurious Recovery SPA

Luxurious Recovery Spa
Spa pool
Spa poolbar
Spa at night

Pamper your soul and your mind in the new luxurious Aqua Spa!

The relaxing spa offers you the opportunity to enjoy different types of saunas and swimming pools. The spa also has a poolside bar, Jacuzzi, salt water pool, children’s pool and outdoor pool that is open all year round – everything you ever dreamt about is there!


Old Town Beer House Brewery Fiesta

Try tasteful estonian beer
Wide selection of beer
Bewery fiesta in Tallinn
A. Le Coq - estonian beer

This is not your ordinary brewery tour but a rare chance to taste samples at a unique beer house situated in the heart of the Medieval Old Town. This is the only brewery in Estonia to make 'living beer' a special kind of beer from a traditional Austrian recipe. We offer you the chance to taste 5 different kinds of beer whilst enjoying the hearty Estonian atmosphere of this charming venue with its traditional furniture, live music and great service.


Party Tram

Partying stag group in Tallinn
Vibrant party on tram in Tallinn
Great fun on tram in Tallinn

Take a private tram-ride through the city and enjoy a unique tour of Tallinn that shows you far more than you would see on an ordinary sightseeing tour. Supplied with surround stereo system and karaoke machine.


Due to repairs on Tallinn trams rail-system this activity will be not available during 2015.


Husky Dog Sledding

Dog sledding stag activity in Tallinn
View from husky dog sleds near Tallinn
Running huskies in Tallinn
Dog sledding activity in Tallinn

Learn how to become a ‘Musher’ - take the reins and experience the challenge of driving a dog sled complete with a team of beautiful working Husky Dogs. This activity offers a unique opportunity to try your hand at the ancient practice of ‘mushing’ as you steer your sled at the speed of dog with four ‘paw’ drive.
The activity takes place just outside Tallinn at a great location by the sea, where there is also a traditional open air market selling food and hot drinks.


Tree High Ropes - Adventure Park

High rope adventure for stag group in Tallinn
Adventure park in Tallinn
Adrenaline is rising!
Maintaining balance on the rope

Why not go for a ´Walk in the Park´? Well this is no ordinary walk, but a totally elevated next-level experience. These unique trails reaching high into the forest canopy offer you the chance to test both your mind and your spirit. This adventure course offers 5 trails and 55 different attractions, including a fast slide down a rope. You will need to make your way through various obstacles such as nets, bridges, swings, logs and ladders, while taking in the amazing views from this treetop world.



Keen eye of an archer
Archery in Tallinn's nature
Archery targets in Tallinn

Archery in the city's forest offers brilliant fun and a great sense of achievement. An introduction and short training program at the special training field area with anEnglish Championship Instructor is just the introductory part of this activity.


Bowling Tournament

Bowling alley in Tallinn
Great fun at bowling in Tallinn
Bowling stag player in Tallinn
Tournament with beautiful women in Tallinn

The bowling club is situated at an enviable location in the Old Town, in the Rosen Free Time Factory which was built in 1876 and is in itself an interesting and intriguing piece of architecture. The building itself has quite a peculiar history - up to the year 1995 it was a brewery. In addition to bowling there is also a possibility to play snooker in a separate hall.



Tallinn skating at night
Have fun on the ice in Tallinn
Ice skating rink in Tallinn
Ice skates on ice in Tallinn

Skating takes place in the Jeti Ice arena, which is is the biggest of the three ice arenas located in Tallinn. It has two full-size hockey rinks, one ice arena reserved only for skaters and since fall 2004 also special curling sheets. The ice arena has all necessary facilities such as a dressing and drying room and in addition to that a sauna, cafeteria and a shop for hockey gear.



Golf ball almost fell in the hole
Sexy girl sitting on the golf cart
Green golf court
Want to play?

Whether the 12th century Scots or the ancient Romans invented the game of Golf, one thing is sure, in Estonia it only became popular in the 1993 following Estonia’s independence in 1991. Golf was first played at Niitvälja golf course, this nine-hole course is now the oldest in Tallinn and home to Tallinn Golf Club.



Curling stones on ice
Playing curling in Tallinn
Playing curling indoors in Tallinn
Curling team in Tallinn

The origins of Curling will probably always remain a mystery but nevertheless the game is now an Olympic sport and is played by two teams of four players on a rectangular sheet of specially prepared ice. The object of the game is to slide heavy, polished granite stones down the ice towards a target called a ‘house’ aiming to get the stone as close as possible to the centre ‘button’.


Canoeing on Whitewater River in Estonia

Peaceful part of canoeing on Pirita river
Rush of adrenaline on Pirita river
Kayaking on Pirita river
Great adventure on Pirita river
The activity is currently discountinued and may return to our offer in 2017.

We arrange canoeing trips on the Pirita River early in the spring, as soon as the water level rises. It is not so enjoyable, when the water level is low and rocks peek out of the water. We recommend canoeing on the Pirita to the people, who do not have the whole day to spend out, but wish to get the thrill in 3-4 hours and then return to the city-life. The river has both rapid and placid sections offering great variety.

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We must say we enjoyed our weekend in Tallinn a lot. The hotel which you provided was excellent, very close to everything we needed, well-equipped and also the staff were nice and smiling. The dinner was great and the restaurant has good meals to choose...
The trip was hassle free and your guides make a fantastic work there. They showed us the city around, answered all our questions and spoke very good English. They even stayed out with us until about 3 a.m. and seemed to have nice time with us!...
Your organisation helped us a lot and I doubt we would be able to do something like this just ourselves! As for the shooting it was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it. Cheers for sorting it all out. Gil organized stag party for stag and his friends...
Our guide wasalways on time and nice what really contributed to our good experience of Estonia. Generally we are glad for everything you have provided and we plan to come again! Isak and his group from Sweden already plan to return to Estonia after...
Regarding our trip I have to say everything was excellent. Our stag loved every piece of it and we have lot of funny stories to tell from Estonia. Tom visited Estonia for stag weekend in February 2013.

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