Exclusive Shooting Package - Ultimate Anger Management!

There is no doubt that this luxury package will meet the needs of the most demanding clients. Don't waste your time and suck in the atmosphere of the hottest shooting activity we are offering to you. The unique mixture of 5 different guns, ultimate accuracy, aim-point ultra modern sights and many more ensure an unforgettable experience.

What is included: 
  • 3 rounds from 44 Magnum revolver (genuine Dirty Harry Smith & Wesson model 29)
  • 3 rounds from one of the most powerful handguns in the world - 454 Casull Magnum revolver
  • 6 rounds with short "Schwarzennegers favorite" pump action tactical shotgun Winchester
  • 6 rounds from legendary  famous AK47 Kalashnikov
  • 6 rounds with the Top secret mission rifle Walther G22
  • shooting range rental inclusive targets
  • necessary safety outfit ( the ears and eyes protection)
  • safety instruction and complete information about the guns
Group size: 
from 6 persons
Special remarks: 

The instructor might refuse any person, he considers to be not able to perform this activity. We recommend you to do this activity before starting a day full of beers and vodka.

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Latest feedback

We must say we enjoyed our weekend in Tallinn a lot. The hotel which you provided was excellent, very close to everything we needed, well-equipped and also the staff were nice and smiling. The dinner was great and the restaurant has good meals to choose...
The trip was hassle free and your guides make a fantastic work there. They showed us the city around, answered all our questions and spoke very good English. They even stayed out with us until about 3 a.m. and seemed to have nice time with us!...
Your organisation helped us a lot and I doubt we would be able to do something like this just ourselves! As for the shooting it was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it. Cheers for sorting it all out. Gil organized stag party for stag and his friends...
Our guide wasalways on time and nice what really contributed to our good experience of Estonia. Generally we are glad for everything you have provided and we plan to come again! Isak and his group from Sweden already plan to return to Estonia after...
Regarding our trip I have to say everything was excellent. Our stag loved every piece of it and we have lot of funny stories to tell from Estonia. Tom visited Estonia for stag weekend in February 2013.

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